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USDA Rural Development Community and Business Loan and Grant Programs - The mission of USDA Rural Development is to enhance the economic opportunity and improve the quality of life in rural America by providing funding to housing programs, community programs, business programs, utility programs, and cooperative programs.  An overview of the USDA Rural Development programs can be viewed at  www.rurdev.usda.gov/mo.  You may also contact Ms. Cheryl Elliott of the USDA by calling (573) 985-7211.

Missouri Rural Electric Cooperative Economic Programs  - The Missouri REC provides a number of services, such as low interest loans, for those interested in purchasing rural utilities.  For more information on these programs, call Mr. Travis Mathes at Lewis County Rural Electric Cooperative office at 1-888-454-4485.

Small Business AdministrationFor information on how to set up and write a business plan, visit the Small Business Administration's website at:  http://sba.gov/smallbusinessplanner/plan/index.html 

Town and Country Bank of Missouri

(573) 655-2297

United State Bank

(573) 215-2283

Peoples Bank of Wyaconda

(573) 288-5209

Canton State Bank

(573) 288-5521

Town and Country Bank Midwest

(660) 213-3227

Bank of Monticello

(573) 767-5264

We partner with these institutions to develop business and industry.  These financial institutions are able to provide a full range of banking services as well as commercial and personal loan products.  All of the banks within Lewis County work in conjunction with the Lewis County Industrial Development Authority to provide financial support to both new and pre-existing commercial developments within Lewis County.


The LCIDA provides funding each year via the "New Construction Incentive Program" (NCIP).  The program is a direct grant to Lewis County Businesses who build or remodel existing structures.  A cash award is made in the amount equal to set percentage of the net increase in assessed evaluation to the property.  The current percentage authorized by the IDA board of directors is ten percent (10%).  Therefore, as an example, if the assessed evaluation of a commercial parcel of real estate is determined by the Lewis County Assessor to be improved by Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000), a check is drawn by the IDA in the amount of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000) and presented directly to the property owner.  This incentive can be accomplished by simply signing a form provided by the Assessor.  Currently, the board of directors has established a Ten Thousand Dollar ($10,000) cap to any entity.

The Lewis County Industrial Development Authority provides financial assistance to County businesses and industry.  This financial assistance is administered thru a loan guarantee with the lending institution for qualified applicants, providing for the expansion of existing businesses, and to attract new businesses with an emphasis on employment.  Applications are available by contacting the IDA office in Monticello or by downloading from the link listed below.